See a 1929 Waco DSO at the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum. Year: 1929

Acquired with funds from John and Laura Cheney, Wes and Nancy Lematta, and Columbia Helicopters.

Engine: Wright Hispano Suiza Model A 150HP

The “Hisso WACO” is at heart a WACO Model 10 (GXE) with the engine upgraded from the 90 HP OX-5 to the 150 HP Wright Hispano-Suiza "Hisso" engine which is also a water-cooled V-8. The Hisso engine gave the DSO lively and satisfying performance but it was not economical and when operating from "pasture-airports" it required more maintenance than other engines. Our DSO is practically in its original form, unaltered and unmodernized and is the only remaining airworthy example.

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