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WAAAM Volunteer Andy Anderson in front of his 1925 Ford Model T Roadster. Story by WAAAM Volunteer Andy Anderson.

My brother Mel bought this car in pieces in San Jose, California in 1968. It had no motor, no headlights, no steering wheel, no top irons, and we bought it for not much more for $300.

Mel and I went to swap meets and met other Model T people in order to buy parts that were missing. We actually bought a running motor back then for $25!

Then, in 1969 I moved with my family from San Jose to Hood River. The car stayed in San Jose, but Mel lost interest in working on it.  So, eventually, I ask Mel if I could haul it up here and work on it. Because it was "our" car, I asked him if he would buy the parts if I could find them. He gladly accepted.

So in the summer of 1977 I brought our Model T Ford Roadster to Hood River. I got it all together and finished except for painting it and a little tinkering that still need to be done. And then, in the summer of 1985, Mel and his sons came up and hauled it back to San Jose. He did some of the tinkering that needed to be done, but never had it painted.

Mel passed away in 1994 and the Model T was just setting there in one half of a two car garage. I ask his wife Golda if she would like me to bring it back up here. She liked the idea, so I brought it back up, had it painted, and finished tinkering with it.

That's how a California Model T got into our museum, and that's how I got to be a volunteer.


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